Name Style Level Description
Ted/Amelia Contemporary Advanced

~2 M, ~6 F

Songs: Chasing Cars – Natasha Bedingfield

Lyrical-type stuff. Lots of layers, etc.

Tarikh Hip Hop Advanced

10 M, 3-5 F

Songs: Tortilla Chips – T. Bizzy, Make It Rain – Usher, Rick James – Baltimore Club Music, Oh Yea – Lil Scrappy, Swagg – Teyana Taylor

Let the boys be boys… you what it is

Collabo Hip Hop Beginner

Songs: Girlicious – Like Me, Neyo – Can We Chill

go go collabo.

Adlai Hip Hop Advanced

Songs: Rihanna – Disturbia, Nelly/Ciara – Stepped on My J’s, Santogold – You’ll Find a Way, Fanny Pack – Keep It Up, Girlicious – Stupid Shit

This dance will evoke the lifestyle and struggles of the monsters growing up in high school. They want to express themselves, but it’s hard because Human isn’t their first language…. I’m looking for people that have a wide range of talent and comfort with stuff (gymnasts, break dancers, ballerinas, performers). Make-Up and crazy hair will happen :). I’m also looking for creepy christmas song.

Stephanie Yoon Lyrical Intermediate

8-10 dancers

Songs: Jason Mraz – Details in the Fabric

it’s a dance to a song about people who’s hearts have been broken (relationships, expectations, etc.), and how they should just pick themselves up and find something positive out of the situation.

Rachel/Natalia Hip Hop Intermediate

5-6 M, 5-6 F

Songs: When I Grow Up – Pussycat Dolls, Party People – Nelly/Fergie, Baby Doll – Girlicious

Allison Moore Irish Ceili Intermediate

8 dancers, up to 4 M

Song: Trip to the Cottage

A traditional irish team dance. You can see some dancers performing this dance at the Midwest Championships here:

Earl Modern Intermediate

12 dancers

Song: Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt

Kinda sad and depressing song+choreo. Lotsa isolations and good times. I am old…

Rae Bellydance All

Video Here:

8 – 10 F

Song: Dinletir – Ice Queen

Note: There will be a separate audition for this piece, 11 AM before regular auditions

This piece of music is high-intensity, high-energy, dark, dramatic, and extremely varied. The dance is intended to interpret the song accordingly, with rapid and fiery moves alternating with fluid, expressive arm and hip work. Frequent formation changes will keep the eye moving and the energy up, and having different dancers doing different moves gives it depth. The specific style will be Egyptian-American bellydance, borrowing occasionally from ballet and flamenco, as well as American tribal style dance.

Danyi/Casey Lyrical/Jazz Intermediate

6-8 F

Songs: Shakira – Illegal, Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats

sad and angry ex-girlfriends. no, we’re not bitter =) (seriously.)

Vicky/Ingrid/Joanna/Anya Hip Hop/Funk Beginner

10 M, 10 F

Songs: Piece of Me – Britney, Temperature – Sean Paul, Get Your Freak On – Missy Elliot, Escapate – Nigga, Rock Wit Me – Ashanti

a hot guy/girl dance with a lot of attitude that transitions from
funky/sharp “wanna piece of me?” style to partnered hip-hop Missy action, to
smoother/sexier finish.

Marie Lyrical/Ballet Intermediate

8-12 F

Song: Original song by Nate Thomas, MIT Student

A fun, energetic piece for people with some background in dance

Liz Kim Alternative Hip Hop Intermediate

4 Couples

Song: Gwen Stefani – 4 in the Morning

Jordan/Liz Hip Hop Advanced

8 – 12 dancers

Songs: Usher – Moving Mountains, Nuttin’ But Stringz – Broken Sorrow

We’re thinking a 45-60 second group piece, 30-45 second guys section, 30-45 second girls section, and then a 60-75 second closing group piece. The guys piece will be have a smoother flowy feel to it, Liz wants to make the girls section sassy, and the ending piece will be a combination of dance genres (most likely street jazz, popping, tutting, breaking, and west coast hip hop).

Manny Hip Hop Intermediate

5 M, 8-10 F

Songs: Just Dance – Lady GaGa, I Got That Boom Boom – Britney

Fairly short dance with a lot of focus on improving dancers with a lot of potential and focusing on unison and cleaning.