DanceTroupe in 3D


Name Style Level Description
Karanda/Adwoa/Tarikh Fusion / Afrojazz Intermediate

  1. of Dancers: ~11 M/F

Song: “Timidity” – zap mama
Description: This is not your regular Saturday night.. You can’t keep it in. There is dysfunction.

*Ballet Audition Required


Andrew Sang / Goodman Hiphop Beginner

  1. of Dancers: 20-30 M/F

Songs: “I Dare You” – Kevin Cossom, “Crawl” – Chris Brown, and others…
Description: An introduction for new hip hop dancers to a couple of different styles of hip hop. Emotional Hip Hop, Groove Hip Hop, Krump, Isolations, etc.

Video: and

Goodman Hiphop Advanced

  1. of Dancers: 10ish M/F

Songs: “Check” – St Lunatics, “How Low” – Ludacris, “Pimpin’” – Hollywood Undead, “Kill Bill” – Electrik Red, “Laced with Hash” – Mac Dre, and maybe some dubstep song
Description: No more tribute set. It’s actually just a straightforward hip hop set. Woo!

Video: and

Mason Hiphop Advanced

  1. of Dancers: 5-7 M/F

Songs: “Rock Your Body” – Black Eyed Peas, “Blindfolded” – Theophilus London, “Somebody to Love” – Justin Bieber, “Stay” – Ne-Yo, “Sunday Morning” – Maroon 5
Description: Three small character pieces, each centering around someone at the club. Someone held back by an old relationship. Someone just looking for somebody to love. Someone just out to have a good time. The next morning though, things somehow all wind up okay


Jason Scott Hiphop Advanced

  1. of Dancers: 15-20 M/F

Songs: “Elephants” – Rachael Yamagata, “Who’s To Say” – Vanessa Carlton, “Love The Way You Lie” – Eminem + Rihanna…. and more….
Description: EMO returns

Dkim & Kristen Pena Lyrical Hiphop Intermediate

  1. of Dancers: 10-20 M/F

Songs: “Lights Off” – Jay Sean, “Wrong When You’re Gone” – Keri Hilson, “Broken Record” – Jason Derulo, “Superhuman” – Chris Brown and Keri Hilson
Description: boy and girl are in love, they fight, they realize they aren’t right for each other, they break up. sadness

Video: and

Yoon Contemp Advanced

  1. of Dancers: 7-8 M/F

Song: “Runaway” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Description: someone’s nightmare


Michael Phox & Valerie Chia Hiphop Intermediate

  1. of Dancers: 16-24 M/F

Songs: “World is Mine” – TOK, “Playing With Fire” – N-Dubz ft. Mr. Hudson, “I Like it Rough” – Lady Gaga, “One More Night” – Lil Wayne/Drake/Cascada, “Something You Forgot” – Lil Wayne
Description: The long battle between puppets and their puppeteers is FINALLY in dance form! We are looking for some HOT BOYS and SEXY GIRLS who are willing to experiment with us [only in dance, please!]. Disclaimer: ladies WILL be doing some sections blindfolded

Video: and

Lisa Foo Contemp Intermediate

  1. of Dancers: 8-10 M/F

Song: “Silent Sea” – KT Tunstall
Description: Telling the story about finding that place where everything seems to just fall into place. Flowy and dynamic, this dance is all about having fun, letting go of everything and just dancing.

Cat Contemp/Jazz Intermediate

  1. of Dancers: 13-15 M/F

Song: “Wild Horses” – Natasha Bedingfield
Description: all about trying to escape from something (both figuratively and literally)...and BE FREE! Even if you dont have contemp experience its ok…

Tarikh Fierce (Hiphop) Advanced

  1. of Dancers: 15 F

Songs: “So Happy I Could Die” – Lady Gaga, “Kitty Kat” – Beyonce, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” – Kylie Minogue, “Touch It” – Monifa, “LA Girls” – Jupiter Rising
Description: the other side of tarikh-A-LEAK... o_O

Fiona McCoy & Hannah Pelton Irish Intermediate

Dancers: 6+ M/F
Song: “Cry of the Celts” – from Lord of the Dance
Description: The dance will have a graceful, elegant soft shoe section (girls only) and a fast, energetic heavy shoe section (girls and guys welcome). We’re especially looking for tap dancers who’d be interested in learning some Irish heavy shoe.

Hannah Johnsen Jazzy Contemp Beginner

  1. of Dancers: 10-15 M/F

Song: “Ruby Blue” – Roisin Murphy
Description: So I was thinking that I would do a shorter beginner piece, like maybe 2 min, and then spend half the time or half the semester working on technique so people who really have never danced before can get a chance to learn some technique and the very basics, and so that people who have danced but not been trained can get good technique and start being familiar with the terminology.

Sam Luo & Steph Lacy Hiphop Advanced

  1. of Dancers: 7-9F

Songs: “Bottle Pop”, “Beep”, “Painted Windows” – Pussycat Dolls
Description: PCD Set!

Steph Lacy & Jason Contemp Intermediate

  1. of Dancers: 9-15 M/F

Song: “Cosmic Love” – Florence and the Machine
Description: Abstractly, its a classically inspired forbidden love story with a greek god/goddess statue twist. Def want guys as well as girls. EPIC

Marie Ballet/Pointe Intermediate

  1. of Dancers: 6-12 F

Song: “Rhapsody on a Theme from Paganini” – Rachmaninov, 18th var.
Description: A modern take on a romantic, expressive song. I’ll be using some moves from ballet, but don’t be scared off if you don’t have a lot of experience with that. If you have any pointe training and are interested, please let me know. We’ll work on building up skills over the semester, so if you haven’t done pointe in a long time, here’s a good time to ease back into it!

*Ballet Auditions Required

AARP Collabo (RVL, Kris, Sherry, Alex) Hiphop (epic/fun/energetic) Beginner

  1. of Dancers: 20-30 M/F

Songs: “California Gurls” – Katy Perry, “I See Girls” – Studio B, “I’m the Shit” – DJ Class, “Skippin” – Mario
Description: We may be old, but we still got swagg. Collabo piece for beginners/ints with a range (but not that big of a range) of hip hop styles. But really, it’s just an excuse for us to hang out. chill, energetic, and fun!

Liz Abbott & Jordan Medeiros Hiphop Advanced

Dancers: 16-24 M/F
Songs: Taio Cruz- “Dynamite”, Usher- “OMG”, The Veronicas- “Popular”, Miley Cyrus- “Can’t be Tamed”, MGMT- “Electric Feel”, Lady Gaga- “Alejandro”, Luciana – “I Like That”
Description: chairs, canes? maybe a (SHIRTLESS) guys section?

Video (from F2008-same choreographers):
Video — Liz’s Previous Choreo:

Dansey! Contemp Advanced

No. of Dancers: 6-8 M/F
Song: “The Dance” – Charlotte Martin
Description: masquerade ball gone wrong. epic. done. style is pretty sharp and fast. feeling of the piece roughly follows lyrics of the song.

*Ballet Auditions Recommended