DT Fall 2014 Show


Name Style Level Description
Andre hip hop Advanced

Songs: “Welcome to the Jungle – Neon Jungle
Boys – Britney Spears
Booty Killah – Elliphant
Lick Shots – Missy Elliott”

Description: WILD! Come get down in the jungle with me ;D The costumes are gonna be so hawt


Vicli hip hop All

Songs: “Ride – Somo
Quicksand – J*Davey
Bring it Back – Travis Porter
Werkin Girls – Angel Haze
Turns Me On – Big Boi
Hey Ya – Outkast
All Night Long – Robin Thicke”

Description: This dance is about the good shit in life: sex, cocaine and avocados


Louis hip hop Intermediate

Songs: Everything Was The Same – Fabolous

Description: This is a hip hop piece that focuses on exploring and conveying the meaning of one song.

This is a dance about the demons that live within us and our eternal struggle to tame them. Our demons are a part of us and no matter how many times we beat them, we’ll never be done fighting them. From the outside it looks like nothing was the same, but inside it feels like nothing really changed.


Kere, Jenn, VJ hip hop Beginner/Intermediate

Songs: Bootylicious – Beyonce
Check on it (Live) – Beyonce
High School – Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne
get it in – iamsu

Description: collabo! fun, mocha-ish style, no real storyline (yet)


Melissa Li, Khanh Nguyen, Justice Mason, and Aaron Okello hip hop Beginner

Songs: Bubblegum by Jason Derulo
Get up by Ciara Wiggle by Jason Derulo
Some cut by Triville
Slave for you by Britney Spears
Flawless Remix by Beyonce and Nicki Minaj

Description: Black and Yellow Collabo. Swag. Fierce. Flawless. Good for beginners to learn skills and control and just have a lot of fun. We have lots of sassy pieces for the girls, and strong boys sections.


Cecilio, Herman hip hop Intermediate

Songs: 8bit Funk – Classi
White & Nerdy – Weird Al Yankovic #thatPOWER – will.i.am ft. Justin Bieber
I Can Transform Ya – Chris Brown ft. Lil’ Wayne and Swizz Beatz
Geekin’ – will.i.am
The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth – I Fight Dragons

Description: that gangster geek yo

Part 1:video
Part 2:video

Maria Perry contemp Intermediate

Songs: Leave Your Lover – Sam Smith
Where the Light Gets In – Sennen

Description: This dance is about a journey. Looking for all guys, even (especially?) if you’ve never done contemp before! (But feel free to still pref if you’re a girl, I might take you if you’re really wonderful :))


Elenna Capote contemp/jazz Advanced

Songs: Royal T by Crookers and Roisin Murphy
The Wolf by Fever Ray

Description: This piece will be intense and powerful and sexy. Still thinking about a story line, but there will be some sort of power-play involved. There will also be lots of partnering. I’m planning on using long skirts and really playing with all the uses of those skirts in the dance. There will be some technically challenging moments but I am willing to consider less technical dancers if I think they can perform to the level that I want (especially for male dancers).


Miles contemp Intermediate

Songs: Level Up – Vienna Teng

Description: An uplifting dance about connecting with other people and supporting each other to become better and happier or whatever. High energy (endurance!), some partnering stuff. Yeah!


Rachel Gaither contemp Advanced

Songs: Aha! – Pentatonix

Description: Small, advanced piece with a strong technical basis that (slightly) breaks down as the song progresses and spirals into chaos. This is not emotive/angsty contemp though — think more powerful, confident, scary, twisted, etc. A lot of the movement and styling of the piece will depend on the dancers since it’ll be a small piece and I want to push the limits of what we can accomplish as a group :)


Nicole Ozminkowski contemp I think Intermediate/Advanced

Songs: Anna Sun – Walk the Moon
This is what makes us Girls – Lana Del Rey
Track 5 (crashed) – Ryan Hemsworth

Description: “This is a dance about that feeling you get when it’s 5AM and you just went skinny dipping in the charles.
When you ran across campus in your underwear because someone told you it was a good idea.
When you punted that pset and spent the rest of the night playing super mario bros.
When you went to study with someone and ended up just talking about life until early the next morning.

This dance is about that feeling when you’re like ““I think I’m kind of a fuckup”“ but you love it at the same time. Because fuck school let’s just live.”


Annie Kuan contemp Beginner/Intermediate

Songs: Dear River – Kina Grannis

Description: This is a super upbeat dance about venturing into the unknown (basically the woods) and discovering exciting new things! There will be quite of jumping, hopping, leaping across and around the stage. Think little kid energy. I’m looking for dancers who aren’t afraid to experiment a little with movement! Oh, and you’ll be able to smile in this dance! :)


Sylvan contemp Beginner/Intermediate

Songs: Everybody wants to rule the world – lorde

Description: A dance about the human element in society – basically an interpretation of the song. Confident, powerful, and intense, but devolves as the song goes on.


Christine contemp Intermediate/Advanced

Songs: ride – lana del rey
summertime sadness – lana del rey

Description: technical contemp piece; want to experiment with contact choreo and formations. will start with everyone on stage but most of the time will only have 6 ppl onstage max. girls only, sorry boys. im seeing peach long pleated skirts but not sure yet.

Part 1:video
Part 2:video

Patience Stevens, Sabrina Drammis, Blake Jackson Tap Intermediate

Songs: Michael Jackson – don’t stop til you get enough
something by hall and Oates
after the dance by Marvin Gaye

Description: The theme is seventies- it’ll be fun, lighthearted and little sexy sometimes?


Langston & Maddie hip hop Advanced

Songs: Hunger Pangs – Cakes Da Killa

Description: Femme & buck. 10-15 people (guys (please!) and girls). BAD BITCH CLONE ARMY