In the Spotlight



Name Style Level Description
Rachel/Jason Hip hop Intermediate

5M, 5F

Put Me in the Game- Lil Wayne, Flirt – Pussycat Dolls, Out Here Grindin – DJ Khaled


Ted Contemporary Advanced


The Fear You Won’t Fall – Joshua Radin

Happy song. Happy dance? Sorta technical, w/e. : )

Do the ballet audition.

Fern/Anya Jazz/Caberet Beginner

12 F

Sympathique – Pink Martini

our concept is a cabaret-influenced jazz piece, think broadway and/or vegas but with more energy and not cheesy. maybe with chairs or canes/batons, not sure yet. we want to transport the audience back in time to a paris cabaret in the 1920’s. there will be a few modern and ballet moves thrown in as well for fluidity…

Adlai Adlai Advanced

12 M/F

Circus – Britney Spears, Playing In Her Hair – Dream, Bitch U Betta – Jonte, So What – Pink, Cold Hearted – Paula Abdul

Diva like people getting ready for their significant others, but there’s cheating… so you want to whack a
betch. So what. I want people that can do what i see.

Olga Hip Hop Intermediate

10-12 F

Diva – Beyonce

You thought girls were so cute and sweet? This is how we be tough.

Ted/Tarikh Whatever happens when you put Ted + Tarikh together Advanced

Number: 12-15

Songs: Say (All I Need) – OneRepublic, Tie My Hands – Weezy/Robin Thicke, Yesterday – Leona Lewis

Description: Contemporary/Hip Hop mashup. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Mix it all together, and poof. If you’re interested in getting into intermediate hip-hop and/or contemporary, this is the place.

Tarikh Hip hop/smooth/reggae/iso Advanced

Number: 8-10

Songs: Marco Polo – Bow Wow, Come Over – Estelle, What It Is – Sophia Fresh, Turn You On – Paris Hilton, Move If U Wanna – MIMS, When You Wanna Come – Brian McKnight

Description: Fun!

Yang Popping Intermediate

Number: 2-5

Songs: instrumentals by dj molder, big capone

Description: poppin.

Earl Contemporary Intermediate

12 M/F

I Remember – Damien Rice

Recollection of a past relationship for the good (Lisa’s part) and the bad (Dam’s part), balancing hope and despair…ultimately ending in cynicism, of course. of course.

Emily/Liz Point + other Advanced

Number: 6F & 6M

Songs: Opus 10 in C Major #1 by Chopin, Regina Spektor – Edit

Description: we want to do some classical pointe stuff and partnering and then mix it up with like dancers in sneakers and hoodies and tutus (not the guys, unless they want) doing cool looking things…

Come to ballet audition.

Nimi Bollywood/Hip Hop Advanced

Number: 10F

Song: Nachle (Reprise) – Aaja Nachle

Description: Mixture of bollywood, traditional indian, and hip hop. lot of expression, lot of smiling.

Anya/Vicky/Joanna/Ingrid Hip hop/funk Intermediate

Number: 7F, 8M

Songs: Michael Jackson – The way you make me feel, Pink – Fingers, Janet feat Missy – Son of a Gun, 50 cent feat Just T – Ayo Technology, Janet Jackson – All night, don’t stop

Description: The dance starts off with a Michael Jackson skit. Then a hot “girl-power” scene, and afterwards the boys show off and go home with the girls. It all end with an all-out dance party with the boys and girls.

Steph Yoon Jazz Intermediate

Number: ~9F

Song: Endangered Species – Dianna Reeves

Description: Sassy Girls…

Need to stay for ballet audition.

2009 Collabo (Tarikh, Rachel, Ryan, Liz) Hip Hop Beginner

Number: 15-20

Songs: like this – marques houston, single – nkotb, others

Description: Fun hip hop.

Liz Abbott Hip Hop Advanced

Number: 10-14F + maybe a few guys

Songs: I’m Just A Girl – No Doubt, Please Don’t Stop The Music – Rihanna

Descrption: umm girly/sassy/fierce/flirty? girls just wanna have fun! ;)

Danyi/Casey Lyrical Advanced

Number: ~6F

Song: Can You Hear Me – Cindy Morgan

Description: sadness. we lost something. like our sanity. no really, we’re sad. again.

Need to stay for Ballet audition.

Jordan Hip Hop Advanced

Number: 10-16

Songs: Told you so – Jesse McCartney, Selfish – Asia Cruise, Bassment Party – Cool Kids, Checkin My Fresh – Play-N-Skillz

Description: A mix of Isolation, west coast hip hop, glides, and breaking. Requires fast movement, good body control, and attitude – Duh.

2010 Collabo (Jason, Kamo, Ayaboe, Steph, Ted) Hip Hop Beginner

Number: A Bunch

Songs: Hologram – Dre feat. Chris Brown, Pop the Glock – Uffie, Untouched – The Veronicas, Brand New Colony – Postal Service

Janelle/Adlai Hip Hop Intermediate

Number: 8-10

Songs: Ciara – Like A Boy, Goodies, Ohh, 1,2 Step, Promise, Get Up

Description: Ciara Tribute – Choreo from videos and live performances will be fun!