Name Style Level Description
Hannah J Jazz Beginner

No. of dancers: 15 M/F
Song: Animal – Neon Trees
Description: Fun, energetic, a little crazy :) jazz dance. This dance is for anyone and everyone who hasn’t had technique training before. We’ll go over the basics while learning how to PERFORM!!! and basically live. Get ready to let the animal inside of you out!
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxJFBXBWiEk

Hannah Pelton & Steph Greene Irish / Tap Advanced

No. of dancers: 10-14 M/F
Songs: B Minor – Leahy, Sing sing sing – Benny Goodman, Sandstorm -Darude
Description: An intense heavyshoe/tap piece that starts with a showdown and ends in a mix of the two styles. Includes tappers and Irish making fun of each other.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZkkSY7gEAw

Sam Kacos lyrical contemp Advanced

No. of dancers: 6-8F, 3-4M for short partnering section
Songs: “Hiding Under Water” by Beth Hart
Description: About the end of a bad relationship. Trying to pick up the pieces of yourself, but feeling broken and alone. Looking for dancers that can convey a lot of emotion through their faces and bodies.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywgrny8gRxA

Lisa Foo & DKim hiphop & contemp Intermediate

No. of dancers: 10-12 M/F
Songs: Feel – Marie Digby
Description: It is towards the end of your relationship and you remember all the good and bad times but can not get any emotion out of the person you love. This dance is about bringing emotions out and telling your side of the story. “Show me your here, show me you’re human can’t you feel feel feel feel”. We are incorporating dkim lyrical hip hop with intermediate contemporary.

Dkim & JScott hiphop Intermediate

*Note on Level: Int/Adv
No. of dancers: 20ish M/F
Songs: 25 to life, when i’m gone, not afraid – all eminem, session – linkin park
Description: betrayal to reflection/soul searching to rebirth.

yooooon contemp Advanced

No. of dancers: 6-8M/F
Songs: going going gone – the stars
Description: nostalgia. gonna miss DT!

Valereid Samaratha hiphop Beginner

No. of dancers: 30M/F
Songs: only girl – rihanna, truth – chiddybang, sleazy- kesha ft. andre 3000, who’s that chick- david guetta ft. rihanna
Description: HIGH ENERGYYYYYY storyline is still in the works but we guarantee it will be a fun, sexy party. It will kind of be like our personalities on crack (in a completely legal way of course). So get to know us! AND STAY OPEN MINDED KIDDOSSSS

Karl & Jordan hiphop Advanced

No. of dancers: 18-24M/F (6-8 per song)
Songs: all by kanye-All of the lights, Blame Game, Monster
Description: Dance is going to be formation/transition heavy and moment-based. Level is advanced. We’re going to treat you like a professional studio team basically. Push yourselves! Story in the works :D

Danyi Lyrical Hiphop Intermediate

*Note on level: Int/Adv
No. of dancers: 10-14M/F
Songs: Bruno Mars – Talking to the moon, Rihanna – love the way you lie part 2, Pink – sober, breakeven – the script, castle walls – TI feat christina aguilera, Rude Boy – Rihanna
Description: although life has its struggles, there’s always someone there to pick you up. a tale of friendship.

ADLAI adlai All

No. of dancers: 15M/F
Songs: Cannibal – Ke$ha; S&M- Rihanna; Would You Mind – Janet; “Born this way – Lady Gaga, hold it against me – britney spears
Description: caged souls.

Casey Contemp (+strengths) Advanced

No. of dancers: 8ish M/F
Songs: How It Ends – DeVotchKa
Description: this piece is kinda sytycd style—epic dancers of all styles coming together to do a contemporary piece but with mini solos of each dancer’s personal style/strength interspersed throughout. the song is kinda epic in itself. so its gonna be epic. oh yeah, did i say epic? : )

Tamika Hiphop variations Advanced

No. of dancers: 20ish M/F
Songs: Gimme Dat – Ciara, Yeah 3x – Chris Brown, Lay It Down – llyod, ummm a bunch of surprises
Description: I dunno…a bunch of different flavors wrapped up in a deliciously exciting and fun 4 minute package?

Liz Abbott & Mason Hiphop Advanced

No. of dancers: 10-16M/F
Songs: Radiohead – Idioteque, lost in the world – kanye west, Christina Aguilera – I Am, Katy Perry – Firework
Description: A piece about dealing with internal struggle, hitting rock bottom, turning around, and eventually seeing the light in yourself. A character-driven piece, with a pretty broad range of hip-hop styles from lyrical to west coast swag to iso. Performance and stage presence are a must.

Rebecca & Kristin Contemp Intermediate

*Note on level: Int/Adv
No. of dancers: 6-10F
Songs: Sugar – Connie Lim
Description: This dance is all about individiuality and breaking out of social norms. Expect an EPIC quirky and fast contemporary piece :]
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-O5gJOS_0ms

Stat! (Cat&StephLacy) Contemp Intermediate

*Note on level: Int/Adv
No. of dancers: 13ish M/F
Songs: 24 – Jem
Description: having 24 hours to live! no regrets, just about dancing, throwing it all out there.
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR1dxJVEx7w

Kris DS Hiphop / other Intermediate

*Note on level: Int/Adv
No. of dancers: 12-16M/F
Songs: Could This Be Real (Sub Focus), Hold On (Rusko), Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix), Running (Chase & Status), Dreamcatcher (Unicorn Kid)
Description: A tale of a con man getting what he deserves. Told with the heavy bass of dubstep and the hard hitting moves of hip hop.
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vm0QSxufLg

Tarikh Hiphop Advanced

No. of dancers: 3-5M, 3F (1 in each section)
Songs: Down On Me – Jeremih, No Hands – Waka Flocka, Sex Room – Ludacris ft. Trey Songz, Ego – Trey Songz
Description: this dance is very masculine. for each song, there will be a male character pursuing a female character. each female character will have choreography separate from the guys, thus she and the main male will be highlighted throughout the entire section. in each section, the non-characters will play back-up to the main male. these roles will rotate throughout the dance. story-wise, this is a competition to see who’s got the winning approach. this dance will be dynamic, transition heavy, and will need convincing acting, not just good dancing. if you’d like a challenging and fun hip hop dance, please pref this one :)
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KeSPS_Auew

Collabo Hiphop Beginner

Choreographers: StephLacy, Janelle, Olga, Phox, Edna
No. of dancers: 30ish M/F
Songs: TBD
Description: TBD