Down In The DT

DT's Spring 2016 Show

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Name Style Level Description
Blake, Sabrina, & Patience Tap Intermediate/Advanced

14 dancers

Don’t Mean a Thing – Parov Stellar, Star Scat – Caravan Palace, other songs TBD”

This will be a super fun tap dance for experienced tappers, with elements of swing and hip-hop.


Alex & Megan Hip hop Intermediate

20 dancers

Come Stop Me – Awkwafina, The Original High – Adam Lambert, Lift Off – Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Marijuana – Awkwafina

The story of what it’s like to summon all your energy and spirit to achieve an incredible goal — and maybe you succeed, maybe you fail, but life will go on.

It’ll be an adrenaline-filled emotional rollercoaster with equal amounts of happiness and melancholy. Gender neutral, performance-heavy, and experimenting with popping fundamentals. We want dancers willing to work and have fun with us :D


Aaron Suarez Hip hop Advanced

20ish dancers

Til the Morning (Snakehips Remix) – Kehlani, Bruk Out – Childsplay & Chuckie, Bitches – Charlie Traplin, DJ Turn It Up – Yellow Claw, Put It Up – Childsplay & Chuckie

An advanced hip-hop piece with the main idea focused on the growth of energy and intensity. As each section progresses, styles change from R&B to dancehall/bellydancing fusion to femme to standard hip-hop to full-out intense craziness. I’m looking for strong dancers with solid performerance willing to push themselves to adapt to different styles.


Devany Ballet Intermediate/Advanced

10-15 dancers

Danzon No. 2 – Marquez

Spanish ballet thing — in the style of the Don Quixote ballet, but with Latin American ballroom flavor too? Still in the works. I was originally going to do Don Q, but then this music is great and I want to use it. Expect some flip fans and pointe work for those interested. Any dancers with at least a few years of ballet should pref! Guys and girls welcome!!


Sydney & Jeanie Contemporary Beginner/Intermediate

20-25 dancers

The Chain – Ingrid Michaelson

This song is about losing someone you love but waiting for them to come back to you. So it will be very angsty. This dance will be mostly at a beginner level, but we will need some more intermediate dancers for certain sections (lifts etc). For the lifts and partnering we’ll also need boys! Pls pref us!


Annie Contemp fusion Intermediate/Advanced

20 dancers

Weathered – Jack Garratt

Keeping in tradition with emotional senior pieces, this piece will be about staying grounded. It’s really easy to get tired, jaded, and lose sight of where you are in your life, but there are some people who can bring you out of it. There will be a lot of interactions between dancers and dynamics! I welcome both contemp and hip hop dancers since it will be a less technical contemp piece with some hip hop inspired bits. The main thing I will be looking for is control of movements.


Daphne & Wings Contemporary Intermediate/Advanced

12-17 dancers

Control – Halsey

This dance is centered around children and the childhood fears that control them. It will be on the creepier side and not very emotional.


Camille Contemporary/Modern Intermediate/Advanced

~12 dancers

Mecha joy – Baths, The Big Ship – Brian Eno

This piece is going to be playing with the power of group or corps work along with unique styles of individual movers and bodies. I’m looking for dancers who can vibe well with other dancers and/or are interested in learning how to move in sync with a group. If you’re interested in working on stylistically challenging movement this is the piece for you!! I’ll be working with spatial relationships between dancers as well as different interpretations of phrase work. The piece is entitled “Le corps dans tous ses états” or the body in all its states, interpret as you will.


Ed Hip Hop Intermediate

20 dancers

Alright – Kendrick Lamar, Red Nose – Sage the Gemini, Hotline Bling – Charlie Puth & Kehlani, Player – Tinashe ft. Chris Brown, Play – Snow Tha Product

This is a tribute to the West Coast, the best coast. We all got a little taste of the West Coast with an interlude last semester so let’s make a full-blown set out of it! We got so many different styles that you’ll definitely enjoy this! I’m really looking for dancers that want to push themselves and are looking for exposure to various styles. Show me your swag, show me your emotions, show me everything you got cuz the West don’t play around.


NDT Hip Hop Beginner/Intermediate

25-35 dancers

Brand New – Drake , Headlines – Drake , The Motto – Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Big Rings – Drake & Future, Right Hand – Drake

Everybody loves Drake. Remember when he was Brand New in the scene? Making Headlines with The Motto: YOLO. Now he’s got a really big team and they need some really Big Rings. Got a F*uckin Problem? You finna catch this Right Hand.


Claire & Katy Hip Hop All

20-25 dancers

Lemonade – Amy Schumer, Muffin Top song from 30 Rock, Did It On’em – Nicki Minaj, 3-way – The Lonely Island, and the Natalie Portman rap – The Lonely Island

While the songs are silly the meaning is deep like a vagina #yonicasfuck. This dance will be filled with not only intricate choreo but a chance to push your performance out of your comfort level… and into a bed with two other people. We want to take all levels to challenge advance dancers but also push beginners and intermediates to the next level. Fun times, high energy, breaking down the gender binary, lots of milk and body positivity #thisiswhereyourpoopcomesout #thisiswhatyouthinkishot #notgay #definitelygay. “Divided we fall and united we stand, Ain’t nobody leavin’, Everybody freakin’” – Kere


Moti Hip Hop All

15-20 dancers

One Night Stand – Keri Hilson

It would be an RnB set, with guy based choreography, some femme choreo and the bridge would be some sort of interaction between the two.


Bryan, Thad, & David Hip Hop Beginner/Intermediate

~20 dancers

A1 Everything – Meek Mill, Soundclash – Flosstradamus, Manolo – Trip Lee, Wrist – Chris Brown

It’s a really hype dance with lots of energy. Just go for it.


Nisha & Shruthi Hip Hop/Bollywood fusion All

20-30 dancers

Lean On (Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MO) + Rangeela Re (from Rangeela), I Choose U (Timeflies) + Uff Teri Ada (from Karthik Calling Karthik), Kamli (from Dhoom 3) + Fancy (Iggy Azalea)

A high-energy hip-hop piece with Indian influence. :) We’ll have upbeat moments and badass moments, so our goal is to explore different aspects of performance in each section that add up to a cohesive piece. But mostly we want everyone to have fun. All levels welcome (including beginners)!


Langston Hip Hop Intermediate/Advanced

15-18 dancers

Mimosa —Jamila Vasquez, Raquel Castro, and Yani Marin (From Empire), One Touch VIP — Baauer ft. AlunaGeorge, Jolly — A$ap ferg, Powerful — Jussie Smollet and Alicia Keys (?), Queen Speech’s 4 — Lady Leshurr

This shit is hype. A challenging piece designed to push the limits of all involved.
Love from,
The Queen


Donkollabo Hip Hop Beginner

30-35 dancers

Dessert — Dawin, Yoga — Janelle Monae and Jidenna, Work Remix — A$AP Ferg, Bass Down Low — Dev ft. the Cataracs, Put It On — Dejah, Sweatpants — Childish Gambino, Pillowtalk — Zayn, Picture Me Rollin’ – Chris Brown

A fun beginner’s piece full of everything good! Come be sexy, hype, swag, badass, and go full the fuck out with choreographers from Donk! Whatever your background is, get ready to werq hard, play hard, perform, and have lots of fun!


Olivia & Jessica Contemporary Beginner/Intermediate

12 dancers

Beneath Your Beautiful

This would be a delicate love story with duets of different couples (so both girls and guys!!!). The story is based on the song lyrics, but it explores the challenge of being in a relationship where one or both people won’t let down their guard down and showing their true self. The choreo will have a strong ballet influence, and will include lifts and partnering.


Katy, Tally, & Sara Tap Beginner

15-20 dancers

PostModern JukeBox – Paper Planes, Umbrella, and Bad Romance

We want this lighthearted tap dance to be a fun way for people to start tapping or continue learning how to tap dance. We really want to teach people, so even those with zero experience can come tap with us!